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As the old saying goes “We are what we eat”. Each and every cell in our body reflects what we eat,drink and breathe. Food not only affects the way we look but also affects our energy level and the way we move in this world.Our movement quality will not only decide how well we perform a physical exercise but also how effectively we thrive in this world. And fasting is the way to undo the harm caused by today’s genetically modified and processed foods.
In short eating right,moving well and fasting once or twice in a week can make us superhuman (Not superman)

how to eat and move the right way
That’s the spirit we are looking for!

Let’s go through all three one by one.

We are being told everyday “Eat clean, eat healthy, eat sensibly, eat within your limits ” and so forth. But if  most of us know what is the right food and how much to eat then-
•    Why do we eat in excess?(Binging ain’t fun no more)
•    Why do we eat junk?
•    Why do we eat when we are still full?
•    Why do we eat so much sugar?
•    Why do we even over eat the healthy foods and get fat?
The reason is we are addicted to food.

binge eating unhealthy
YES!! You my friend are addicted!!

The reasons for above can be many:

reasonf for overeating and binging


BUT, The most important reason is-
Stress does not only mean work induced tension and pressure. Stressor’s  are everywhere around us be it due to family issues,work, school or even the occasional missed train. Stress  it is the most powerful force which coerces  us to eat sugary food,drink more coffee,consume more alcohol with the hope that this comfort foods and drinks will bring a false sense of freedom and easiness.

I am stressed drinking

You are stressed, you eat a burger have some coffee, you feel better for a while and then again you crave for something fatty and sugary. You know that this isn’t healthy and right for you but you can’t resist the desire to eat another burger or pizza or even a piece of fruit (which in general considered as healthy). Researchers have clearly shown the relationship between chronic stress and high sugar fatty food, alcohol and excessive caffeine intake.

I am fat because I eat
Yes, we know that

When you are stressed, food works as a reward and satisfaction mechanism, You brain likes this and then a vicious cycle of stress and over consumption kicks off.(Brilliant article about a fitness hack about consumption pause here)
Food manufactures know this fact and they tend to make their products more satisfactory and more addictive so you can consume more.

We can’t change what they are doing, we can’t change all the stressor’s, but what we can change is how we respond to this engineered food and stress inflicted upon us by our so called modern lifestyle.


Movement practice for fitness
who doesn’t want to move like connor?

Movement is often misunderstood with Workout/Exercise.But for most of us movement/exercise should serve a restoring purpose so that it does not end up becoming another stressor in our already stressed up lives. I call it STOP MOVING OUT &START MOVING IN.

We humans just need some Lifestyle coaching,i.e coaching on various aspects of our life such as managing stress, correcting posture, relearning movement and eating the right foods in the right amount.So let us focus on-


•    TRANQUILITY (sleeping better and being mindful through exercise)



We the people of this earth don’t do movement and if we do , we do the movements we are not made for. This means we sit in the office for hours and hours and at some point of time we make a resolve to “declare war against all existing bad habits at once”. What we don’t know is that in disguise it is the “war against ourselves” and it can’t be sustained for long. Our poor and fragile body starts resisting, fighting, adapting and we end up in a back to square one  state of  in-activeness.Only this time we develop  improved resistance towards movements or exercising and then we start blaming our will-power,work,family and diet for this never ending cycle.

The laziness cycle.
check this article for more on laziness cycle.

We were made to crawl, rock,roll,walk,run,swim and to play games.

eating and moving for weight loss
And do THIS! Yes, this also.

What we do in the Gym is not natural for our body.And what we do by walking endlessly is to add a dysfunctional pattern which reinforces muscle imbalances and poor posture.

By learning bio energetic techniques for stress release(not relief) and adding some resets in daily life (CHANGING THE WAY WE MOVE),we can easily ward off fatigue,chronic pains and achieve tall posture and improved productivity.This is the most important thing to learn: how to move to stay fit and how to move with proper progressions or regressions to achieve a balanced life with a sustainable approach.

To achieve movement competency we should really think about what we are eating first.We may start doing the best exercise program in the world but it will fail miserably if all we eat is junk in the name of health foods and supplements,

supplement scam
And don’t forget the hole in your pocket!

We need to relearn how a human being should eat,how a human being should breathe, how a human being should sleep and all this would lead to a happy human being.

fitness and happiness


If you can do one thing, just one thing to change your life practice “Intermittent Fasting” (IF).Now what is intermittent fasting?(detailed article on it and how it changed my life coming soon). Intermittent Fasting means that everyday for some hours you won’t eat anything and then you will take all the calories you need in a eating window.
Fasting works on human body like a well structured workout,
Like exercise:
•    Fasting improve your Insulin sensitivity.
•    Fasting increase the secretion of growth hormone.(article on growth hormone coming soon)
•    Increases the level of free fatty acids in blood to be used as fuel.
•    Fasting increase fat burning without burning muscles in the process.

•    It’s not just good for body but it creates more time in our daily life as we are free from food slavery for prolonged period of time(Disclaimer:the use of capitals does not equate to shouting here, we are just trying to highlight the benefits of intermittent fasting)

intermittent fasting benefits
Some detailed info for the future Buff nerds.

There are various ways to incorporate fasting in daily life which we will discuss during the course of this fasting and movement series.

I want to share a little secret “It is important to check what you eat but when you are eating what you eat is more important”. In IF(Intermittent Fasting) you will eat most of the calories later in the day(most of the calories in dinner) and will stay lean and mean.

Last but not least…….
Nobody can fix you from outside in, like most modern approaches promises, you will have to fix yourself inside out.

fixing yourself inside out
Yes We can fix it from the inside

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