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Fitness Hacks Series-Diet consumption Pauses

So you have started your Fitness journey and you are taking it seriously this time around.You are busy pumping iron at the gym and doing some crazy sprinting in the treadmill.

fitness hacks
congrats! You just set a new deadlift PR.

You wrap up your post workout sauna session and get busy spending some time putting on that cool T shirt and Jeans combo and yes! You are now ready to show your pumped muscles to your friends who are waiting for you at the movie hall.You grab your tickets and wait for the movie to start.All that pumping Iron means that you are hungry as hell now and you somehow end up at the Popcorn counter.The Popcorn guy smiles at you, asks you your flavor and popcorn bag size.Your hunger has reached  epic levels now and you end up ordering

fitness hacks popcorn
Large one with extra candy for your tongue treat, yum!

The movie starts and ya, it turns out to be edge of the seat thriller.The movie finishes and guess what else is finished?Yes, your large popcorn bag! Turns out you finished the entire thing by yourselves.But How? and why?You start feeling guilty and start wondering what to do to lose the 900 calories gained in the process.But could you have done anything different?

YES,Behavioral Economics my friend has an awesome fitness hack in the form of Diet consumption pauses.This fitness hack means that by forming selective segmentation of food choices you are creating decision points wherein you become aware of your food consumption. Let’s not utter Jargon anymore and instead let us ask you to purchase the same 900 calories of Popcorn, but this time create consumption pauses in the form of segmenting the same over 3 packs

fitness hacks popcorn
From this large Popcorn Bag to
diet hacks
three small Packs of 300 cals each!

You then start consuming the first pack and after finishing it you look towards the 2nd pack and this time you are stuck at a decision point.Whether to open the 2nd pack or not? This fitness hack actually then becomes a consumption pause because you consciously think whether to open the 2nd pack or not? And more often than not you end up not opening the 2nd one because you have this feeling of already finishing one pack.

Now back then when you had one huge pack, you were subconsciously consuming the kernels and only when the pack finished did you arrive at the feeling of completeness.This is a brilliant study by professors at Rotman university regarding the theory of decision points. You can see how they conducted a similar popcorn study to observe the behavior of consumption when given diet consumption pauses.

Let us take another example. You and your friend are watching WWE on television and you feel hungry again(Damn!this stomach of yours). Both of you want to eat something but you find that the Fridge is empty.You look around and you see two options.

fitness hacks oreo
Option 1 is a large pack of Oreos
fitness hacks oreo pack
Option 2 is a 6 pack box of mini Oreo

What do you do this time around?You know the fitness hack and immediately grab the mini Oreo box while your friend grabs the Oreo jumbo pack.Fast forward 45 mins and Boom! You have just finished your 3rd mini Oreo mini pack while your friend had already finished his jumbo pack 15 minutes back.

That is because there were 3 consumption pauses that broke your subconscious consumption pattern while your friend experienced no such pauses.This fitness hack is more of a funda than a hack and many bodybuilder and fitness athletes are already using this hack in the form of

fitness hacks meal planning
Bodybuilding meal planning

Here they are using this fitness hack across the entire spectrum of the food rainbow . They painfully measure and store their food in Tupperware, sometimes planning week’s in advance(been there done that,article on how to to do meal planning coming soon) to ensure that they are neither binging nor are they overshooting their daily caloric requirements.

Now that you have learned this diet consumption pause fitness hack it is time for some

fitness common sense
we simply don’t like the word ADVICE

Task-How to use diet consumption pause while having your spicy Chicken Pizza?

diet hacks pizza
STEP 1-Order Your Pizza


diet pizza
STEP 2-Slice it UP!


fitness pizza-slice-triangles
STEP 3-Get them Cool Pizza Slice Triangles Maan







diet motivation hacks
STEP 4- Store them Slices up in them Triangles Dude Or Dudette








BOOM, you just became an expert in using cute triangle Pizza boxes and yeah,also in the art of using consumption pauses.Best of luck for your new fitness hack journey and please do comment on any other diet consumption pauses that you have implemented yourselves.

Thanks for your prolonged interest in reading this article.


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