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Fitness Scams Exposed and Myths busted


Let us admit it….assuming you’re a guy, your aim is to deadlift 3 times bodyweight, Squat 2.5 times bodyweight so deep that’ll put an Asian Olympic lifter to shame and bench your way to shaky pecs. 

                                 You Can’t see me beatchh

dancing pecs

But you want to do all this while sporting a Dwayne Johnson smile, while only having Chai-sutta(Tea and smoke) as your snack option and Garlic bread with pizza as your staple meal.

                     That infamous One eyed smirk

flexible dieting scam

YUMM, Brilliant article on how to stop eating pizza here

Also, wouldn’t it be great to be able to do all this while balancing a a full time college education (or a full time job) on the side, while dating the hottest college chick or having a lovely wife. You guessed it right!, achieving all this simultaneously sounds like a pile of BS…but wait, I haven’t yet created a flashy article, full of motivational quotes, extraordinary claims made through photo-shopped pictures, and a background pic of me with a 100 watt smile and sporting a 2-hr six pack which has been achieved by extreme dieting and water fasting! I am sure, after viewing such a fancy web-page, you will forget all about reality and immediately go back into your charming world of  daydreams,imagining yourself  carving a ARNOLD physique combined with an Bill Gates-like bank balance. Am I right? 😉

Nice makeshift dumbells, why don’t you try this minimal equipment Indian workout?


Such Scams have been a regular part of the fitness industry, in fact , I think they form 90% of the money that this industry makes today. Once you discover the basics, it’s hard to admit how gullible you once were, to have fallen to the marketing tactics of such con-men. In this article, I shall be going through a handful of such scams, and detailing how you and me were tried to be taken for a ride! And if this happens again, and you decide not to believe in their bullshit, you’ll know which website to thank! We shall cover a couple of them to begin with



TVC is a shady company dating back to the 1990’s, which is in the business of brilliantly marketing cheap and inferior Chinese products, using celebrities well past their prime years like Mukesh Khanna (Shaktimaan), Alok Naath etc. Its main scam involved selling religion ornaments, but it also sells some downright shitty fitness items.

Vibrating foot rest scam

Seriously as if standing on a vibrating foot rest is going to do wonders, go out and jog people.

Vibrating abs scam

This so called Vibrating Abs Belt will help you shred weight yes, BUT OFF YOUR WALLETS

LOL….a BIG FUCKING LOL to these guys who sell things like this…I mean…wtf…how did we began to think that just applying a belt on our tummy and sitting around like a lazy asshole will result in Six-packs?? Lately I have stopped seeing this bogus product, but don’t even think these guys have come up with better stuff. I mean, look at their recent offerings like the Full body vibrator. Sadly,people buy these bogus implements to ‘Melt’ away their fat, out of their desperation and lack of understanding.

AB king PRO & The Myth of Spot Reduction

AB king pro scam

looks like some weird contraption built by Jigsaw of SAW movie fame

Enough has been written on this, but sadly, the information doesn’t reach enough people and so, its important to state again, that, its not possible to selectively reduce tummy fat just by doing crunches on Ab King Pro or standing on some vibrating machine. You can reduce fat by burning CALORIES, and so you need to select those activities that burn the majority of calories, like running and full body strength training by doing Pushing, Pulling, Squatting and Deadlifting.


Sadly, the Ab King Pro, Ab Cruncher keep getting sold on the basis of Marketers making a mockery out of the ignorance of people.

Spot reduction belly fat myth

                                            Nobody loves Love Handles

BottomLine: Spot Reduction (reducing fat by exercising only the fat storing regions) is not true. You loose weight by exercising the full body using a variety of exercises and spending more calories while consuming lesser.

Food Supplements Scam

Bodybuilding Supplement Scams

Al-Kavadlo, one of the world’s  famous Calisthenics expert, advocates a strict- no supplement, real foods only diet.please refer the link for more information on the same.

Over the past decade of working out injury free and making reasonable strength gains throughout that time, I have come to a similar conclusion. You see, the typical diet of my Indian forefathers has been- morning snack of Poha/Cereals, lunch of 4 Chapatis, Dal and Veggies, evening snack of curd, and dinner same as lunch. Even if you try to be super lenient with portion sizes, the total protein content of the vegetarian Indian diet would be about 40-50 Grams.

If the western nutritional guideline of a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight were true(I am 170 pounds, So I would need 170 grams of protein), we would be seriously short of proteins and so the health of our forefathers (and your and my existence!) would be seriously compromised. But, was that the case? And, mind you, they worked out as hard as we do now, AND their jobs involved much more intense and sustained manual labor.

the high protein diet myth

This is 170 grams protein, do we really need this much protein?

See, I agree you want to look good and intimidating enough with a T-shirt, and lift some crazy ass weights to boost your ego as well, but, supplements might not be the best means to reach there. I assume most of you reading this would fall in the following 4 categories:

  1. You Don’t give too much shit about Strength,You  just want to look good
  2. You are interested in lifting impressive weights and want to fill out the Tees as a side benefit
  3. You are overweight and want to lose some weight
  4. You are an elite lifter and have sorted out all other much more important variables such as Calories, macro nutrients, Recovery, Training program, Technique and Genetic potential.

Get this fact straight first, Supplements…be it Whey, BCAA, Fish Oil, Creatine etc will contribute less than 5%  to your muscle building and fat loss journey.


Let us do some math now, suppose you weigh 60 Kg now, at 5’8’’, and want to gain 7 Kg Muscle. If you sort out all other variables , while taking supplements, the supplements will only contribute to around 350 Grams of your 7 Kg weight gain!!  Rest of that 6.650 Kgs are going to come from your overall calories: real food proteins and carbs. Also playing a major part will be the  the muscle damage and supercompensation you inflict through progressive weight training.


The Secret to Success for each of the 4 types

  1. Don’t give too much shit about Strength, just want to look goodEat real food, train with weights and/or bodyweight 3-4 times a week for an hour approximately in each session.
  2. Interested in lifting impressive weights and want to fill out the Tees as a side benefitEat more calories and real food protein, train progressively on major compound lifts, sleep like a horse.
  3. Are overweight and want to lose some weightEat less calories, keep motivation levels high, do more cardio
  4. Are an elite lifter and have sorted out all other much more important variables such as Calories, macronutrients, Recovery, Training program, Technique, Genetic potential.You deserve a yummy chocolate whey shake as dessert


So, whether you goal is to look good or lift heavy or loose fat, 95% of that is gonna be achieved through calories, real food, safe &  progressive training, and good sleep. Have you sorted that out already??

Are you getting 8 Hrs of sleep a day?(Article on why sleep is important coming up soon)

Goku eating

Are you eating enough calories for your muscles to grow?

Go figure!

Stay tuned to read future articles  about the basics of fitness explained. We, the Strong Buddha Team, promise to deliver to you the best health information that has been learnt in the trenches by the authors themselves!


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