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Unveiling Mysticism-Mission in Life

An Evening with the mystic 1:

Yesterday I had a rare privilege to spend some time with a contemporary guru whose personality does not fit into the regular description of a mystic.

Playful,funny and bubbly like a kid.It was really hard to believe that he drives racing cars and bikes,scales mountains,dives in deep blue seas and flies choppers.

mystic rally
This looks like fun
mystic biking
damn, wish I could do that

He talked about various contemporary subjects including the rise of Virat Kohli,terrorism,yoga,meditation etc.

What hit me the most is his existentialism. He outrightly denied the theory that every human being comes on this planet with a mission,and if we look deeper he is saying a profound truth.

If each and every human being arrives with a so called god given mission, this world will become a place of huge conflict,which it already has become.
He jokingly told how god spoke to some people and those people killed millions of people during many wars from the beginning of human history.

So now a question arises that we are here then “to live a life without missions”.

If each and every person does his/her work without giving  undue importance on others work then surely we will live in harmony,no matter if you are a janitor or a millionaire.

In existentialism they say “existence before essence” and what we think is just the opposite.

Our essence comes from family,society,religions etc and this is not what we are.We live in a box with conformed thinking and ideas.So sadguru said let us be free from any dogma and do what you enjoy for the sake of enjoyment, not for any god given mission.

The only mission if any is in the words of Kurt Vonnegut ” A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.”

Not more not less 🙂

You can watch the live web stream below, and believe us, it will enlighten you further.

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